R and the mosaic package.

The software for Statistical Modeling: A Fresh Approach is based on the mosaic package which works within R.

If you do not already have R installed, or if you have an old version of R, you need to install R. It's free. There are standard "one-click" installations for both Windows and Mac-OS X here. More information is available at the R-project web site.

The standard installation includes a user interface, but you may prefer to use the user interface provided by RStudio. There is also a server-based version of RStudio that can be installed by an instructor to provide a seamless, web-based interface. See Rstudio Server.

Once R has been installed, you should install the mosaic package. This is done in the standard way, either by the package menu in your R interface or by the following command:


Each time you start a new R session, you should load the mosaic package, like this:

You're good to go!